An archive of video content for the Higgs Diesel line-up. 

CONDOR V12 on the 5 axis CNC - WHAT A MONSTER!

From our factory in Japan. The Higgs E-Series V12 CONDOR in production. Receiving some finish machining on the five axis CNC. Yes – it’s HUGE!

CONDOR V12 on the CNC

This short video shows the engine case on the CNC table in our production factory, Japan. 

HAWK E330J/G Gearbox in Motion

This short video shows the 2.66:1 Gearbox in motion. Designed specifically for aviation!

HAWK E330J/G RV 10 Mount

This short video shows the RV10 mount we’ve developed for the HAWK E330J/G-T. It’s going to be one mighty package for the RV pilots!