We’re proud of the alliances and long term partnerships we’ve formed. TANIDA LTD based in Japan has been an instrumental alliance over the years and has been a strategic development partner for our line of products.

We are now able to offer their services outside of Japan for the first time through AC Aero USA LLC.



Successful reduction of weight and downsizing of super complex aircraft engine components.

Domestic 3D AM technologies incorporating technologies unique to TANIDA, allowing us to achieve improvements in productivity of aluminium and magnesium alloy castings in excellent quality.

TANIDA offers high quality inspection by Nadcap approved inspectors, using reliable and superior techniques at a fair price and lead-time.

■ ISO9001 Certificated in Apr 1998 ■ ISO14001 Certificated in May 2001
■ JISQ9100 Certificated in Dec 2009 ■ Nadcap Certificated in Jan 2015


TANIDA’s strength in offering both casting and machining services that deploy elaborative and illustrious technology is not the only advantage you can expect from TANIDA. Also specialize in welding, heat treatment, non-destructive inspection, material testing, surface treatment and assembly – all in one place. Visit the site:



Introducing the new AX42 and AX43 liquid cooled cylinders. The AC Aero LIQUID COOLED CYLINDERS for the Lycoming O-320, O-360 & O-540 variants. A turnkey kit enabling you to burn AUTOGAS*, lose weight and create more horsepower without drastically impacting your firewall forward configuration.

With improved cooling and reliability. Individually and custom built for each and every customer. We can recondition your existing Lycoming 320, 360 & 540 engine and convert to a 344ci, 390ci and 583ci respectively. We can tailor to a number of budgets and performance requirements. Why not combine the GLADIATOR™ or CENTURION™ liquid cooled series products with our LEGION™ long stroke kits for even more power and weight savings.

Our kits are available exclusively through our authorized U.S. Distributor and Build Center Aircraft Service and Parts Corp (ASAP). Make your reservation now…


We are now taking reservations for the GLADIATOR™ AND CENTURION™.  Use the button above to send us an email and get on the list and in the production queue. Check the reservations page for lead times and availability here.