Direct replacement Cylinder for Lycoming 360, 540, and 720 engines

Design Features

The AX50 cylinder is a monolithic cylinder, fitted with a hyper-eutectic sleeve that is 25% Si. Sleeve can be removed for repair or replaced if damaged offering you a long life for your cylinders.

Valve Guides and Seats, are of the sinterred metal variety which have an extreme hardness whilst at the same time being porous for superior lubrication. These will far outlast traditional bronze or cast type guides and seats.

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Valves, the inlet valve is a chrome steel variety with the back-face design optimized for maximum flow, the exhaust valve is of the “modified” stainless type 1.4882 containing Ta, Nb and W, this allows for higher temperature with greater elongation properties and improved yield and creep strength, allowing a non-hollow design. Both inlet and exhaust valves are designed specifically for this cylinder.

Springs, a single spring of extreme high quality steel that sits on a spring platform that is shimmed to obtain the optimum preload.

Ports, the inlet and exhaust ports are in the same location as a standard Lycoming™ product, however they are of a completely different port shape and design is optimized for the valve size. The exhaust port is fitted with a high temperature sleeve to reduce the uptake of heat from the exhaust to the cylinder wall.

The Cylinder, is drilled to accommodate standard CHT probes, knock sensors, and several baffling mounting bosses. Standard Compression, our pistons offer 8.75:1 compression and 9.70:1 if used with standard piston and ring pack.

Valves, the inlet valve is a chrome steel.

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