AC-AERO U.S., since 2007. We’re primarily focused on the impacts of the Higgs Diesel heavy fuel combined cycle piston operation engines and performance components for the Lycoming engine variants. 

The goals for our product lines are weight reduction, improved power to weight ratio, cleaner component packaging, increased performance, reliability and fuel efficiency.

Higgs Diesel Engines: These engines will demonstrate our unique design for achieving the needed horsepower while keeping the weight of the jet burning engine at or below similar AVgas versions of these engines. There are many advantages to the combined cycle piston operation design. A new concept in high performance aircraft engines with much reduced part count for extended operation and higher TBO’s. Due to their simplicity of design and reduced package weight, the Higgs Diesel engines may be used in the following applications: Drones, Generators, Compressors, Marine, Land Vehicles, Military and other space / weight single fuel restricted designated use applications.

Lycoming Performance Products: These kits and components will provide many options for the GA community and provide an upgrade for their base models with high quality components for increased performance and weight reduction. We have solutions for all of the 4 & 6 cylinder packages. Products range from Long Stroke kits, Liquid Cooled cylinder and RS (Race Spec) bespoke engine builds.

President, AC-AERO, US.

Andrew Higgs

Much of my career has been spent developing Formula One engine technologies; I also have experience designing and upgrading components in other professional racing formulas, such as Indy, LMP1 and MotoGP.

After spending the last 5 years and millions of dollars designing, testing and perfecting the technology we’re now ready to enter the space.  The balance we achieve is among performance, reliability, and the various regulations in materials and design vs actual engine manufacturing. We use the following tools: 3D Catia modeling, Solidworks, ProE, thermal and mechanical finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics and fatigue post processing software. We have developed a proprietary valve-train software, and have a vast experience with advanced materials and coatings.

The goals for our products are weight reduction, improved power to weight ratio, cleaner component packaging, increased reliability, and fuel efficiency.


Karl Grove 

A UK expat. Karl spent the early part of his career combining professional motocross racing with marketing and operations positions here in the U.S. and in the U.K. After hanging up the race boots, Karl sought out a new fix. Shortly after obtaining his private pilot certificate he discovered air racing and then quickly purchased a Pitts S1-C biplane. In 2010 Karl began competing at the National Championship Air Races and for the next 5 years competed in the biplane class.

“My focus as the newly appointed CEO of AC-AERO, US is to establish an infrastructure and supply chain to support the high demand for the product lines we have created”. 

The Grove Aero team and Super Legacy GA1 will campaign the Centurion Liquid Cooled cylinders in the 2020 air races and continue to use this platform to prove and promote the AC-AERO, US brand.