Maximize performance, improve safety, reliability and longevity. It is our mission to move away from the costly and destructive aspects of leaded gasoline.  Andrew Higgs. President | AC Aero

HIGGS Diesels

The Higgs Diesel! These V4 Hawk and V12 Condor configurations come with improved mission performance and payloads. Known as the E1000J/G Series or CONDOR and E330J/G HAWK Series

Legion Long Stroke Kits

Turnkey long stroke upgrade for your Lycoming 320/360/390/540. Complete with crank, rods, pistons for your existing hardware.
Known as the Legion Series

RS Series Engines

Built to custom specs! Our RS Series engines use our new AX42 and AX43 cylinder technologies. These are turn key powerplants designed to your mission spec. Known as the RS Series

Liquid Cooled Lycomings

New Liquid Cooled AX42 and AX43 cylinders for both 4 and 6 cylinder Lycoming models. Known as the Gladiator (4-Cyl) and Centurion (6-Cyl) Series

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